Head Academy Kung Fu Sydney

At Head Academy Kung Fu we teach the Chinese martial art of Jow Gar Kung Fu for self defence and health. Our locations include Leichhardt and Strathfield in Sydney’s Inner West, and also Heathcote and Taren Point  fringing Caringbah and Cronulla in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

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Our aim is to aid individuals of all ages in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Through Kung Fu training we explore each individuals potential for growth and improvement. Whether you are an adult who has been putting off trying a martial art for years, or a parent looking for a suitable class for your child, we encourage you to come and try our programs that teach martial arts as a means of Self Defence and self improvement.


Adults martial art classes at Head Academy Kung Fu provide a friendly, exciting and ego free environment for our adult students. Our adults kung fu classes cater for beginners and experienced martial artists of all ages. For information on our adults Kung Fu classes please click on the picture above.


We recognise the need for martial arts classes designed specifically for Teens aged 12 to 16. Our Teens classes focus on developing our young adults physically, mentally and emotionally. For more information on our Teens Kung Fu classes click on the picture above.


Our Juniors , ages 6-11, Martial art classes teach everything from effective self defence to anti bullying and conflict avoidance. Give your child the gift of confidence for life! For more information on our juniors Kung Fu classes click on the picture above.


Little Tigers Kung Fu classes for ages 3 – 5 focus on developing skill, agility, discipline and co ordination in our members., preparing them for life in the best way possible. For more information on our Little Tigers martial art classes click on the picture above.

When I joined Head Academy Jow Gar with my five year old son, I did so mainly to encourage him to create a shared interest that we could enjoy together. And I figured I might lose a few pounds along the way! Four years later, we are both still enjoying our Kung Fu immensely and have a great time helping each other out.  I have lost 10kgs, increased my level of fitness dramatically and enjoy much lower stress levels as a result.  And I have learnt how to use traditional chinese weapons along the way - try doing all that at your local gym!–James, 38, Software Developer

As a family its something we all enjoy together, encourage each other, learn from each other and aim to reach our personal best.  I love the way it helps me keep fit, but I think the most significant benefit is being able to completely switch off from all the other pressures and worries after a day at work.  I have never been able to do this at the gym, running, or cycling around the bay, for example.  Kung fu challenges me physically and mentally - my neurons are sharper and my memory and concentration have improved.  I have never once left the kung fu academy without feeling better than when I came in.  Instructors and friends are always encouraging and help keep me motivated to reach my personal best (which is getting better, surprising myself).  Training is on rain, hail or shine and so we set our weekly routine by our classes now!–Lisa, Ellie, Tom and Andrew

Before our son, Daniel started doing Kung Fu at Jow Gar Academy his social and gross motor skills were very limited; but after a year of Kung Fu, his skills have vastly improved. Kung Fu has greatly enhanced his personal and physical development because he has learnt not only Kung fu forms but also he has learnt how to value discipline, improved his attention and listening skills, and most importantly, he has one activity he really enjoys doing. I am sure that Daniel's success is because the Head Academy instructors who are very well equipped on how to train, collaborate and communicate well with children. For parents whose children are interested in martial arts,  I would strongly recommend them to take advantage of the services offered by Head Academy; because like Daniel, their children will not only enjoy Kung Fu, it will also help them to develop to become a more well rounded individual.–Lea Glasson, Daniel' mum