Kung Fu For All Age Groups

More than just kicks and punches


Kung Fu for 3 – 6

Our martial arts classes for 3 to 6 year olds focus on developing martial skills, agility, discipline and coordination in our young members. Kung Fu Training is a great way to prepare them for life in the best possible way. Our classes have been specifically designed to bring out the little tiger in your child.


Kung Fu for 7 – 11

Our martial art classes for children teach everything from effective self defence to anti bullying and conflict avoidance strategies. Give your child the gift of confidence, and skills, that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Kung Fu teaches physical and mental skills like no other martial art.


Kung Fu for 12-16

Our Martial Art class for teenagers fill a need for a class designed to bridge that gap between the child and adult years. Our focus is on developing our young adults physically, mentally and emotionally. Empowering young women and men with black sash attitudes and discipline.


Kung Fu for 17 -70

Our Martial Art classes for Adults provide a friendly, exciting and ego free environment for women and men. Kung Fu for adults is a discipline of mind and body, that teaches unrivalled self defence skills and provides a healthy form of fitness, flexibility and strength that can be maintained into old age.


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