Little Tigers Kung Fu Classes

3 to 6 year olds
We believe that we can affect each of our student’s lives and development in a

positive way, helping them to realise their true potential, and understand what they are capable of.

The benefits for children attending our Little tigers classes are.

yellow-orange-tick   Focus and discipline.

yellow-orange-tick   Understanding group dynamics.

yellow-orange-tick   Preparing excellent movement abilities for life.

yellow-orange-tick   Preparing excellent coordination  for life.

yellow-orange-tick   Preparing excellent balance and agility skills for life.

yellow-orange-tick   Laying the foundation for effective self defence.

yellow-orange-tick   Fun and friendly atmosphere which engages the children and keeps them coming back for more.

Our Class Structure

Our Little Tigers martial art classes focus on discipline, movement, coordination, mobility strength and flexibility while building a foundation from which our students can progress into kung fu for self defence as they get older. Our martial art classes are filled with fun and engaging kung fu drills, techniques and games, perfect for keeping our 3 to 6 year old members interested and learning. Our Little Tigers members even think our strength and conditioning work is fun! The confidence gained through improved coordination and mobility shines through into other areas of our students lives. Our classes are a great way to introduce the discipline and structure of engaging in group activities, for children who are soon to enter into a school environment.




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Superior Gross Motor Skills<br />
Strengthening of the body<br />
Developing Static & Dynamic Balance<br />
Improvement of Agility<br />
Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills<br />
Developing Coordination<br />
Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes<br />
Development of Endurance<br />
Foundation of Martial Arts Skills

Physical Benefits

Superior Gross Motor Skills
Strengthening of the body
Developing Static & Dynamic Balance
Improvement of Agility
Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills
Developing Coordination
Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes
Development of Endurance
Foundation of Martial Arts Skills

Improvement in Concentration<br />
Increase in Focused Attention<br />
Builds Internal Discipline<br />
Develops Internal Motivation<br />
Strengthens Self Control<br />
Learn Values & Respect<br />
Increase Memory Development<br />
Increase Positive Emotions<br />
A Sense of Achievement

Mental Benefits

Improvement in Concentration
Increase in Focused Attention
Builds Internal Discipline
Develops Internal Motivation
Strengthens Self Control
Learn Values & Respect
Increase Memory Development
Increase Positive Emotions
A Sense of Achievement

Builds Self Confidence<br />
Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others<br />
Self Awareness & Self Assurance<br />
Improvement of Communication & Interaction with others<br />
Development of Emotional Intelligence<br />
Able to learn how to be assertive<br />
Development of Emotional Strength<br />
Learn Life Skills

Emotional Benefits

Builds Self Confidence
Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others
Self Awareness & Self Assurance
Improvement of Communication & Interaction with others
Development of Emotional Intelligence
Able to learn how to be assertive
Development of Emotional Strength
Learn Life Skills

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