Childrens martial arts program

Children’s Martial Arts classes differ greatly from one martial art school to another. It is important when deciding on a school that you are clear in your mind what it is you would like your child to learn, and benefit from, in participating in the classes.

Do you know the difference between Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Hapkido etc? If not this would be a great place to start, because they all are extremely different. Then, it is important to check out a number of schools to find the one that best suits you and your requirements. An example of this would be if you wanted your child to enter into the competitive side of martial arts and enter tournaments; you would need to try schools that focus on this. At Head Academy we focus all of our time on developing a student’s self defence skills and martial ability rather than focusing on the skills necessary for tournaments. Neither is good or bad, they are just different goals and philosophies.

Many schools will advertise or talk about the benefits of doing their martial art classes, but do they actually follow through on what they are saying. To be sure of what your child is learning and the benefits they are receiving you need to watch the class and analyse the content of the class and what is being taught. What are your children actually being taught? And on closer inspection is it aligned with the principles that you would like your child to be taught.

An example of this would be class content and structure. At Head Academy Kung Fu our children’s Kung Fu classes are designed and structured so that each component is not only imparting the physical or self defence skill we wish the child to learn, but also developing the mental and emotional skills we are trying to impart. We do not fill our classes with cartwheels, front flips or gymnastics moves just the same as we do not teach children pressure point techniques and other class “filler” which may seem cool but is not aligned with the purpose of  our martial arts classes for children.

At Head Academy Kung Fu we see martial arts as more than just kicks or punches. In each and every class we impart skills and lessons that we believe will stay with our students for ever. When we teach your child; we are not only teaching them for today, we are teaching them for tomorrow.