Children's Martial Arts

7 - 11 year olds
What is our reason for teaching children’s Martial Arts? We believe that we can affect each of our student’s lives and development in a positive way; helping them to realise their true potential, and understand what they are capable of. At Head Academy Kung Fu we specialise in teaching Children’s Martial Arts; We teach the art of Jow Gar Kung Fu in a tailored program created by our head teachers. Our program is designed to teach children a range of physical, emotional and mental skills that will benefit their development and perception of themselves.

yellow-orange-tick  Self defence

yellow-orange-tick  PROTECT programs

yellow-orange-tick  How to defeat the bully without fighting

yellow-orange-tick  Conflict avoidance

yellow-orange-tick  Setting and achieving goals

yellow-orange-tick  Self confidence

yellow-orange-tick  Self discipline

yellow-orange-tick  Improved fitness

yellow-orange-tick  Improved flexibility

yellow-orange-tick  Improved balance and agility

yellow-orange-tick  Improved memory and learning capabilities

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Junior Kung Fu Class Structure

The Kung Fu classes we provide for our junior members are the result of 10 years of constant refinement and improvement. With a single goal of providing our junior members with all of the tools required to empower them physically, mentally and emotionally. Our Childrens Martial Art classes are a vehicle through which a child can discover confidence and learn about the importance of persisting with endeavors that they may find difficult. Self defence is an essential and inherent part of what we do. Anti bullying skills, danger awareness, conflict avoidance and character development are deeper skills that are taught in each and everyone of our childrens Martial Arts classes.
The physical skills our junior members learn will continue to benefit throughout their lives, as we are laying the foundation for their coordination, mobility, flexibility and strength.

The mental skills gained through learning Jow Gar Kung Fu will see them excel in other areas of their life. Improved focus, goal setting, calmness and determination will spread through everything that they do.

Emotionally our students exude confidence, they are resilient to torments from others because of their understanding of their self worth. With continued practice of kung fu our students become very balanced, mature and centered young people.

We tailor our Childrens Martial Arts classes to be fun, engaging and exciting which keeps them coming back for more.

Superior Gross Motor Skills<br />
Strengthening of the body<br />
Developing Static & Dynamic Balance<br />
Improvement of Agility<br />
Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills<br />
Developing Coordination<br />
Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes<br />
Development of Endurance<br />
Foundation of Martial Arts Skills

Physical Benefits

Superior Gross Motor Skills
Strengthening of the body
Developing Static & Dynamic Balance
Improvement of Agility
Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills
Developing Coordination
Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes
Development of Endurance
Foundation of Martial Arts Skills

Improvement in Concentration<br />
Increase in Focused Attention<br />
Builds Internal Discipline<br />
Develops Internal Motivation<br />
Strengthens Self Control<br />
Learn Values & Respect<br />
Increase Memory Development<br />
Increase Positive Emotions<br />
A Sense of Achievement

Mental Benefits

Improvement in Concentration
Increase in Focused Attention
Builds Internal Discipline
Develops Internal Motivation
Strengthens Self Control
Learn Values & Respect
Increase Memory Development
Increase Positive Emotions
A Sense of Achievement

Builds Self Confidence<br />
Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others<br />
Self Awareness & Self Assurance<br />
Improvement of Communication & Interaction with others<br />
Development of Emotional Intelligence<br />
Able to learn how to be assertive<br />
Development of Emotional Strength<br />
Learn Life Skills

Emotional Benefits

Builds Self Confidence
Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others
Self Awareness & Self Assurance
Improvement of Communication & Interaction with others
Development of Emotional Intelligence
Able to learn how to be assertive
Development of Emotional Strength
Learn Life Skills

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