Jow Gar Kung Fu Online Learning Options

  1. First use the register button to setup access to one of the online areas. Either free or paid, If you are signing up for access to the HAKF Members area approvals are done manually to ensure you are a member of our academies.
  2. Free public area, this members area provides content to allow the public to learn the basics of Jow Gar Kung Fu online. From balance to striking and everything in between. Learn how and why we do things at Head Academy Kung Fu. Discover the differences between our methodology and that of other kung fu schools and teachers. All content is provided as video tutorials and accessible 24/7 from any device connected to the internet. To sign up on our free public access membership, please click on the Register Now button below and register for the free membership. Access will be granted automatically.
  3. Paid public area, provides more content and tutorials on basic combinations and drills, it also has basic stretching and all the free content plus access to our Sifu says section.
  4. For all active members of Head Academy Kung Fu, this portal provides videos of all 12 forms, from White to Dark Brown Sash. All basics including stretching, stances and other essential knowledge is provided. Members questions and requests are answered by Sifu in our “Sifu Says” section. Access is via paid subscription monthly subscription. Membership to the portal is granted by Sifu Nathan Head, please click on the register now button and sign up for the paid HAKF membership. Access will be granted once you are confirmed member of a HAKF branch.