Qigong Seminars and Meditation Workshops

Meditation and Qigong Seminars (Chi Kung) at Head Academy Kung Fu are held throughout each year on a regular basis. The techniques taught are Taoist practices of The Universal Healing Tao System.

The Universal Healing Tao is a practical system of self-cultivation and spiritual development created by Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Techniques range from Tai Chi and Qigong to Meditation and Iron Shirt; and offers practitioners a clear path to follow in order to attain a deeper connection and understanding of themselves and everything around them.

Sifu Nathan Head has been teaching the UHT System for 7 years, was certified by Master Chia as a Cosmic healing practitioner in 2007, and has been studying and practicing the system since 2004. Sifu Nathan Head has been personally trained by Master Mantak Chia who has been awarded Qigong Master of the year, and is the only recipient ever to have received this award twice. Master Chia is also listed as one of the world’s top spiritual leaders.

The techniques of the Universal Healing Tao are simple yet powerful tools allowing a student to first connect and discover their own bodies and then feel and direct their own internal energies. Through this awakening to Chi (Qi) a student is then able to feel and connect with the different forces of nature and the universe.

Attending one of our  Qigong seminars with Sifu Nathan Head is a must for anyone searching for deeper meaning and understanding of life, and themselves.

The Tao is a path all you need to do is step onto it.


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Each of our Qigong Seminars will teach you


  • How to feel and direct your own internal energy (Chi, Qi).
  • How to feel and use the abundant energy around you.
  • How to De-Stress, reassess and prioritise what is important; and place value in looking after the state of your emotional, spiritual and physical well being.
  • How to connect with yourself – By creating a calm and connected self, by first giving to ourselves, we are able to give much more to our families and friends.
  • How to follow a true system – The Universal Healing Tao lays down a very clear pathway to follow. All a practitioner must do is begin, then practice the system as taught.

For those looking for a truly transformative Meditation and Qigong experience we invite you to experience the magic of Tao de Libertad our very own Tropical Retreat Center on a remote and beautiful island in the Philippines. To find out more about our 12 day meditation and Qigong Retreats CLICK HERE
Nathan, I just have to share....Getting a coffee at the local near my place this morning. My car is parked in the end car park bay front to back. A delivery van pulls into the long loading bay side ways /parallel to my car. While unloading the van ...the van doesn't have the hand break engaged (obviously) as it starts rolling towards my car, it's all in slow motion, driver dropping boxes trying to stop the van... Small bang.. My car back door dented... I don't think my pulse raised, I think it went slower, breathing normal, no stress... To the point the driver kept checking and was very surprised I was not angry .... Six years ago (pre mediation/Kung fu) I would be angry for days ....Thank you it's a great gift you have shared with me 🙂
Greg Rancic
Greg Rancic

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