Teenagers Martial Arts Classes

12 - 16 yrs old
At the Head Academy we acknowledge the fact that there is a need for a specific class for teenagers. Our teenagers martial arts classes are designed to help our student’s transition from the early developmental stages of childhood to early adulthood, with a focus on their physical and emotional development.

yellow-orange-tick Self defence

yellow-orange-tick How to defeat the bully without fighting

yellow-orange-tick Increased concentration

yellow-orange-tick Reduce stress (study pressures)

yellow-orange-tick Being a positive role model

yellow-orange-tick Conflict avoidance

yellow-orange-tick Setting and achieving goals

yellow-orange-tick Self confidence

yellow-orange-tick Self discipline

yellow-orange-tick Improved fitness

yellow-orange-tick Improved flexibility

yellow-orange-tick Improved balance and agility

yellow-orange-tick Improved memory and learning capabilities

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Our Class Structure

Teenagers need a challenging martial art experience. They need a fun and supportive environment where they can learn and progress as both martial artists and young adults.

The traditional art of Jow Gar kung fu is a proven method of martial arts training which provides new and exciting techniques to learn at every class. leading to both a motivating and challenging training experience. Our teenagers martial arts classes are the result of 10 years of experience and dedication to providing the best programs and teaching methods possible for our teenage members. We are not happy to teach classes because “thats the way we have always done it”, instead we focus on improving and optimising the experience for all our members continued improvement and benefit.

Our classes also include important lessons from our conflict avoidance and resolution program called PROTECT. This program looks at methods of avoiding or dealing with all forms of conflict, aggression and danger from the school yard to online and everything in between.

Bullying is reaching epidemic proportions in our schools, so it is vitally important that your child has the physical, mental and emotional skills to deal with bullies. The confidence your child will gain from training martial arts at Head Academy Kung Fu will be a gift that they will have for life.

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Superior Gross Motor Skills<br />
Strengthening of the body<br />
Refined Physical Skills<br />
Advance Level Skills Acquisition<br />
Developing Static & Dynamic Balance<br />
Improvement of Agility<br />
Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills<br />
Improved Coordination<br />
Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes<br />
Development of Endurance<br />
Correct Posture Development

Physical Benefits

Superior Gross Motor Skills
Strengthening of the body
Refined Physical Skills
Advance Level Skills Acquisition
Developing Static & Dynamic Balance
Improvement of Agility
Improvement of Isolated Movement Skills
Improved Coordination
Increase Speed of Movement & Reflexes
Development of Endurance
Correct Posture Development

Self Defence & Self Protection Techniques<br />
Anti-bullying skills<br />
Improvement in Concentration<br />
Increase in Focused Attention<br />
Builds Internal Discipline<br />
Develops Internal Motivation<br />
Strengthens Self Control<br />
Learn Values & Respect<br />
Increase Memory Development<br />
Increase Positive Emotions<br />
A Sense of Achievement<br />
Value of Goal Setting

Mental Benefits

Self Defence & Self Protection Techniques
Anti-bullying skills
Improvement in Concentration
Increase in Focused Attention
Builds Internal Discipline
Develops Internal Motivation
Strengthens Self Control
Learn Values & Respect
Increase Memory Development
Increase Positive Emotions
A Sense of Achievement
Value of Goal Setting

Self Regulation Skills<br />
Increase Self Awareness & Centering<br />
Anger & Aggression Control<br />
Improvement in Fear Control<br />
Builds Self Confidence<br />
Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others<br />
Self Awareness & Self Assurance<br />
Communication & Interaction skills<br />
Development of Emotional Intelligence<br />
Able to learn how to be assertive<br />
Development of Emotional Strength<br />
Learn Life Skills

Emotional Benefits

Self Regulation Skills
Increase Self Awareness & Centering
Anger & Aggression Control
Improvement in Fear Control
Builds Self Confidence
Builds Self Respect & Respect for Others
Self Awareness & Self Assurance
Communication & Interaction skills
Development of Emotional Intelligence
Able to learn how to be assertive
Development of Emotional Strength
Learn Life Skills

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